PEEP ART is an urban installation of introspective research consisting of a hole on a black shop window on the street. Beyond the hole, a virtual video-immersive room is “inhabited” by a person.

In this first installation, at different times of the day, various virtual environments will be interpreted by as many performers. Each environment is created by various authors on a common but differentiated conceptual matrix.

The act of peeping becomes a psycho-magical act in which one ends up looking inside oneself. We are all much more alike on the inside than the outside. Interiority is the territory where we must not defend an appearance, we don’t have to challenge anyone but ourselves. We are all equally alone when we are inside ourselves.

At a time when creative forces do not find an expressive outlet in a frozen and socially impracticable territory, they can only fall back into creative introspection. To regress in one’s own interiority and rethink the roots of one’s own expressive need, of the sense of what one does and says to the world. Regain awareness of the process of identity emergence and rethink the creative search for the self.

The hole in the window then becomes a meta-physical breach from where to look inside that ordered/confused, luminous/dark, constructive/destructive chaos that inhabits the interior. A hole in the membrane, even if permeable, that isolates the inside from the outside, the veil of maya that divides the appearance from the essence.

Like looking at the gears of the soul.


Renata Lacko

Can you hear yourself?

Michela Camilli


Looking at oneself. Do I see myself? And what do I see? What do others see? Staying in or out. Looking through one’s own eyes or the eyes of others. Like in dreams. Like through a mirror.

Reflection and imagery by: Giulia Mancinelli, Camilla Pieri and Michela Camilli

Performer 5

The shadow side

The side we strive not to see. Living inside us, impersonating what we don’t like about us. Compensation for the ecstatic vision. The troubled son interrupting the journey.

Livia Marques

In flight
Cyclical transformation
Mutant lightness
Reborn butterfly


The vision of a multicolored reality oxygenates thoughts, for some time now imprisoned in a time space bubble besieged by aseptic algorithms and artificial genetic mutations… it’s time to live again


Luca Mauceri

Transformation, instability, cycle

Marta Rocchi

Sensations become images, exasperated and contrasted with a gentle nature

Leonardo Baglioni

A “room”, an intimate but interactive and dialoguing place, evolving with the viewer and time

Maurizio Baldini

Pink breath

Breathing to inspire

  • Performances

    3 - 4 - 5 June 2021

  • Time

    16.00 - 22.00


    No ticket, no commitment, from the street

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